Dons Tree Felling

This small business has been around since the 70’s and the owner Don Bartlett has  built up a wealth of experience. Based in Pietermaritzburg and specializing in difficult and dangerous trees, Dons Tree Felling can cut down any tree.

They also offer Tree Audits, Lifting, Pollarding, Dressing, and Stump removal.


Don’t Trust Your Insurance Awareness Campaign

The goal of this awareness campaign is to fight for the rights of consumers against unfair practices of some Life and Disability Insurance companies.

I recommend that you take a long hard look at the small print of your Disability and Life Insurance cover and also that of your parents.  Pay special attention to the Severe Illnesses that your insurance will not cover and the limitation to your Physical Impairment Benefits.

Don’t Trust Your Insurance Awareness Campaign

C# Software Development Blog

There are some great c# posts on the Carl Bartlett Blog including;
A neat post on retrieving the SQL primary key on Insert

Writing Better If Statements

Copying files over a network in C#

How to Create .sln file for ASP.NET

Dale Automation

Dale Spiral Systems and Bakery Automation, designs, manufactures and supplies:.

  • Spiral Intermediate provers.
  • Conveying systems for tins, lids, baskets, raw and finished products.
  • Final provers.
  • Travelling ovens.
  • Robotic, gantry style lid and tin storage systems.
  • Refrigerated pan and lid cooling systems.
  • Robotic lidding, de-lidding and de-panning.
  • Spiral bread and bun coolers and Spiral freezers for the food industry.
  • Robotic basket loading and basket stacking in the bakery industry.

In recent years, Dale has installed many complete automated lines from dough-in-pan to basket transportation. In spiral bread conditioning equipment, having supplied some 61 systems to companies throughout SA and the world, Dale’s equipment is responsible for cooling and conditioning over 360,000 loaves of bread every hour of every day – or over 8.5m loaves a day.

With over 110 spiral systems installed in SA, Botswana, Swaziland, UK and Australia, Dale has achieved its vision of becoming a world leader in both the poultry and baking industries.

How to disable Facebook chat saving into the messages inbox

Sorry folks this can’t be done, see this Facebook Advice post on the Carl Bartlett Blog

Help get this fixed and tell Facebook what you think 

Varsity Homes Accommodation

Varsity Homes provides quality student accommodation in three homes situated on the doorstep of the University of Kwazulu-Natal Pietermaritzburg campus. Both local and international students welcome in our homes. The primary goal for students is to leave the university with a graduation cap on their head and a scroll in their hand. By the time graduates leave Varsity Homes and the university we hope they would have made lifelong friends.

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Shackleton Risk Management

Shackleton Risk Management is an authorised Financial Services Provider specialising in commercial insurance products to liquidators, attorneys and professional persons.

With consultants in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth, as well as representation in Grahamstown, Kimberley and Mbatho, Shackleton Risk Management offers efficient, personal and effective service in all regions.